The Schweizer Romanos-Chor

The Schweizer Romanos-Chor

The Schweizer Romanos-Chor

The Schweizer Romanos-Chor

The Schweizer Romanos Chor is an interconfessional association of singers which aims to make the liturgically expressed faith of the Eastern Churches known to Western Christians. The choir regularly sings Slav Byzantine-rite services in Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant churches in Switzerland and abroad. The language of the chant is Church Slavonic, and the choir is specialised in the Russian monastic tradition of liturgical chant, which is little known in the West. The repertory also includes compositions from the Russian, Bulgarian, Carpatho-Russian, Serbian and other traditions.

The choir has been in existence in its present from since 1973. There are approximately fifty members, who work in different fields and come from all over Switzerland and from neighbouring regions. They have been visiting the Czech Republic and closely collaborating with H.B. Christopher, Archbishop of Prague, Metropolit of Czech Lands and Slovakia since the time he was Bishop of Olomouc and Brno.

The conductor, Peter Vitovec, is a disciple of Fr. Ludwig Pichler, S.J., the choir director of the Collegium Russicum in Rome, who is a recognized interpreter of Russian chant. Peter Vitovec was for more than twenty years director of the Stevan Mokranjac Choir of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Switzerland. He has received numerous awards for his musical activities and is considered by specialists to be a connoisseur of Byzantine chant.

Juni 2007

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